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Tiny Arrowheads 14K

Tiny Arrowheads 14K

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These are protection pieces. Every Arrowhead is one of a kind.

All arrowheads are hand-knapped by Shana's uncle: Guardian Wolf, Cherokee, Hiltons, VA.

Shana Lee hand-forged each setting individually in her Upstate NY studio.

Quartz healing properties: clearing, cleansing, use for amplifying intentions and healing.

Flint healing properties: protects, grounds, replenishes energy, focus, and life force.

Chain clasps at both 16" and 18".

The quartz is gathered near where Guardian Wolf lives though sometimes if we can't find it, or it's too cold we purchase raw crystals from a supplier in Colorado.  The flint is gathered "when the lake is low enough" by Guardian Wolf and his wife Little Wing near where they live in Mendota, VA. 

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