Shana Lee’s intention is to imbue the ancient sacred into modern day life. It is her goal to infuse every piece she makes with energy, love, and power that the wearer can feel and own.

Shana Lee is a wildly prolific jewelry designer whose creative vision is realized by her extraordinary technical skills. Although both her “hand” and her style are recognizable in every piece, there is an extensive range to her collections.

Shana Lee describes herself as a self-taught metalsmith and explains, “I have leaned on friends and colleagues for instruction and guidance.” Among Shana’s teachers AND mentors are: Guardian Wolf, Stone Carver of Ceremonial Objects, Cherokee, Hiltons, VA, from 1987 to present day; Joe Garriti of James Garriti Lapidary, NYC. From Joe she learned fabrication and technical skills, starting in 1999 until he passed on in 2023. 

Shana has been making and selling jewelry since she was 9 years old in Arlington, VA. When her parents divorced, she moved to Brooklyn, NY with her mother and her sister. By the age of 15 she was selling her work on the streets of NYC, in nightclubs, and to the American Craft Museum. This was how she entered into & learned the ropes of running a small business.

During this period Shana reconnected with her roots, on her father's side, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was there she met a man who would change her life: Guardian Wolf. Under his mentorship, Shana studied the spiritual aspects of adornment and continues this practice 34 years later. In Cherokee culture Shana is considered adopted/family. Shana calls Guardian Wolf her “Uncle” which is considered equal to or more than, calling him “brother" or "father.”

Shana soon connected to the fashion world. Her work could be seen in magazines such as In Style, Vogue, People, and Harper's Bazaar and in trade shows. Stars such as Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani began wearing her work.

IN 2006 she and her husband "escaped" Brooklyn to live in the Hudson Valley AND start their family. 


IN 2007, Shana Lee opened her first brick and mortar shop in Hudson, NY. Today Shana Lee’s studio & store is located at 315 Warren Street, Hudson, NY.  What she does not hand-make at her Hudson studio, she makes in her private studio, in the woods, about 20 minutes from Hudson. 

Shana Lee has an expertise in ancient forging techniques. This sets her apart from other jewelers. Her company has additional skill sets including casting, sawing, soldering, and stamping.  The work is labor intensive and highly skilled. Their raw precious metals are 90% recycled, which means they purchase them straight from a refinery. 

At Shana Lee Jewelry they work only in precious metals: sterling silver, gold, and platinum. For kindness of cost they specialize in 14K & 18K gold Vermeil* (pronounced Ver-May).

*If jewelry is "gold plated" that usually means it starts with base metal (ie brass or copper). That is not what Shana Lee Jewelry offers.  Their vermeil starts with solid sterling silver.  It is not "dipped”, it is triple electroplated in gold and is of the highest quality. It lasts! The vermeil-electroplating company they work with has the highest standards & is one of only two eco-friendly vermeil specialists in the USA.