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Textured Bangles

Textured Bangles

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Our classic light-weight bangle with a bit of extra texture. They feel and sound heavenly. A joy to wear every day.

All bangles are made from 12g wire - we can do any thickness you like upon request - and do often have other gauges in our Gallery.

Oaked Texture is created with a straight-edge hammer. Sparkly with a little toughness to it.

Glitter Texture is created with the ball end of a hammer. The texture is a glittery and fem.

Wonderland Texture is a more roughed up version of Oaked Texture. We use a straight edge hammer but hammer from all sides rather than a straight line texture. It reminds us of the glinting sparkles on snow.

For Rose Gold - please custom order and allow 4-6 weeks til completion.

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