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Feather Medium

Feather Medium

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These feathers are hand-carved by Guardian Wolf and his wife Little Wing (Cherokee, Hiltons, VA). Guardian Wolf is a stone carver of sacred and ceremonial objects. His work can be found in the Smithsonian, in Native American textbooks, and one of his pipes was used at the Meeting of The Seven Nations.

These are Sacred Necklaces. They are protection pieces. Please understand what you are purchasing and honor the peice.

-Catlinite (Red): Sacred & rare. May only legally be hand-mined by card-carrying Native Americans.

-Steatite (Black): Traditional Pipestone of the Eastern Band of Natives.

There are many types of Pipestone Guardian Wolf works with. The two he most commonly used are Catlinite (red - for personal journey) and the other is Steatite (black - for peace with the world as you walk). Traditionally pipes that were made of the red were private, very rarely shared. Whereas the black pipes were called “Peace Pipes” and were shared.

Settings custom made by Shana Lee.

Imitation Sinew expertly braided by Luba

Slide Clasp - so can be worn at any length up to 36”

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