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Falling into Peacefulness

Falling into Peacefulness

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Each of our “Falling into Peacefulness” necklaces is a little different based on the nature of the stones used. The understated colors of the glistening stones are soft, subtle, and gentle. All settings are hand-forged. The beads are all cast/polished by Shana.

Chain 16” with 4” extension.

Stones vary slightly from necklace to necklace but the feeling & look are the same. 

Center lowest: Green Amethyst aka Green Quartz OR White Topaz - both are known for as peace and tranquility stones.

Center higher stone: Sky or Swiss Blue Topaz - peace and abundance (December birthstone)

Next out from Center: Green Turquoise - renewal rejuvenation

Next out: Pear shaped Rose Cut Quartz Or Blue Chalcedony (which is in the quartz family)  - clearing, cleansing, and amplifying

Furthest out: Blue Topaz - peace and abundance (December birthstone)

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