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Either Way

Either Way

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Shana makes these hefty sterling rings and Guardian Wolf and Little Wing (Cherokee, Hiltons, VA) cut and inlay the hand-mined stones or bones.

“Either Way” is made in size 10. You may special order any size you like.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion.

-Steatite (Black): Traditional Sacred Pipestone of the Eastern Band of Cherokee. It is often used in pipes that are meant to be shared “a Peace Pipe”. Wearing this stone when walking in peace helps the wearer know whether the person approaching has peaceful intentions or not. 

-Catlinite (Red): Traditional Sacred Pipestone is used in the making of pipes for personal use and also used in  jewelry pieces for personal journeys. These stones may only be legally mined by card carrying indigenous people. Wearing this stone helps the wearer and serves as a reminder to keep on the path of strong individual character and to walk with integrity, honesty, perseverance, courage, respect, trust, honor and humility.

-Bone: These are bones from Does or injured Bucks - our local hunters share the bones with us so that every part of the deer is used. 

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