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Dali North - Sterling with Topaz and Garnet

Dali North - Sterling with Topaz and Garnet

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This piece is connected with a Spirit teacher named Dali Gno Dali … in translation means Silk Flower Woman. She is a fearless healer.

This piece is part of the North Collection. In the Cherokee tradition the North is where the Ancient Ones sit. Dali North is a large, strong piece. It is not for those who are not open to the most tender but relentless teachings. It is a protection piece. It is a “stand tall in your wisdom & trust yourself” piece.

Stones: London Blue Topaz, Sky Blue Topaz, Hessonite Garnet

(Metal - Sterling Silver … the chain is vintage from Italy - the drops are made by Shana)

***Please contact us if you think this might be correct for you or your loved one. We would like to know the one who wears this piece.***

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